Enhanced OpenShift CLI: More Stories

Organize Cluster Contexts Hierarchically

$ oc login -s https://api.foo.example.com -c dev-env/cluster-foo
$ oc login -s https://api.bar.example.com -c dev-env/cluster-bar
$ oc login -s https://api.baz.example.com -c dev-env/cluster-baz
$ gopass ls
└── dev-env
├── cluster-foo
├── cluster-bar
└── cluster-baz
$ oc login -c dev-env/cluster-foo
$ oc login -c dev-env/cluster-bar
$ oc login -c dev-env/cluster-baz

Choose Among Multiple Clusters

$ oc login -c dev
1) dev-env/cluster-bar
2) dev-env/cluster-baz
3) dev-env/cluster-foo
#? 1
Read context 'dev-env/cluster-bar' from secret store...
Context loaded successfully.
Login successful.
You have access to 59 projects, the list has been suppressed. You can list all projects with 'oc projects'Using project "default".

Fuzzy Search

Customize Shell Prompt




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