Enhanced OpenShift CLI: Team Sharing

Share Your Secret Store

$ gopass git remote add origin git@github.example.com:william/team-clusters.git
$ gopass git push origin master

Help Onboard Your Team Members

$ gpg --full-generate-key
$ gpg --list-keys --keyid-format LONG
pub 2048R/93E7B0300BB9C91B 2021-03-17
uid Nicole <nicole@example.com>
sub 2048R/3AE8C980579D103C 2021-03-17
$ gpg --armor --export 93E7B0300BB9C91B > nicole_pub.gpg
$ gpg --import nicole_pub.gpg
$ gopass recipients add 93E7B0300BB9C91B
$ gpg --edit-key 93E7B0300BB9C91B
$ gopass recipients rm 93E7B0300BB9C91B
$ gopass recipients add 93E7B0300BB9C91B

Clone Remote Secret Store

$ gopass --yes setup --remote git@github.example.com:william/team-clusters.git --alias team-clusters --name Nicole --email "nicole@example.com"




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